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At Havilah Care, we are always looking for ways to improve the supported living services that we provide to our patients, and this often involves new skills being required of our staff and carers. We subject every member of our team to rigorous training to ensure that they always know exactly what to do in any situation, and so that they are well-prepared to carry out the tasks that are in the best interests of our patients.

We provide regular retraining for our team as and when it is required, in order to maintain the high level of quality of care that we provide to all of our patients. Each member of staff is trained with all of our core values in mind, and every carer goes through an induction process to ensure that they are prepared for any situation that comes their way throughout their time with a patient.

The type of training that we provide to our staff varies depending on their specific roles, and we aim to give them each extensive and fully comprehensive training that will best prepare them for the world of supported living care. We provide both Statutory and Mandatory training, as well as Bespoke training to prepare our staff for the wide range of individual circumstances that they will come across throughout their careers. We also provide behaviour management training, and you can find out more about each of these kinds of training below.

Statutory Training

In order to ensure that all of our staff are up to date with their training in terms of the legal requirements expected of them, we provide them with the necessary statutory training. We do so not simply or make sure that they are trained at the minimum required level, but instead to go beyond that and make sure that they know the basics of their job along with the more specific and intensive parts too. Our statutory training course covers a wide range of aspects, from general Health and Safety to Equality and Diversity. We also train our staff in the areas of basic life support, manual handling and of course the safeguarding of vulnerable people, so that they are truly prepared for any care situation in which they find themselves.

Mandatory Training

There are some aspects of training that go beyond the minimum legal requirements covered by the statutory training and require some extra training as well. These are compulsory aspects that ensure all of our staff are prepared with the specific required knowledge for their job, and it gives them the tools to help the people for whom they are caring in the most effective way possible.

Bespoke Training

The bespoke training that we provide to our staff helps them to gain an understanding of the more particular aspects of their job that will be specific to the individuals for whom they are caring at any time. Each person will require a wide range of different things from the next person, and our bespoke training makes sure that each carer is armed with the skills they need to best take care of the vulnerable person to which they are assigned. With a more personalised, tailored approach to training, the most essential skills are focused on which allows our staff to provide the most effective care possible.

Behaviour Management Training

We also provide our staff with behaviour management training where necessary, which gives them the additional skills and resources that they will need when dealing with those in challenging situations, that perhaps create challenging situations for our staff through their behaviour. In order to ensure that our staff can remain safe, whilst also putting the safety and wellbeing of the patient at the top of the list of priorities, our staff need to be highly trained in the area of behaviour management.

All of these methods of training provide our staff with the necessary skills to allow them to be presented with any situation and carry out the correct procedures required in order to provide only the most effective care for all of our patients. Not only does the training that we provide to our staff conform to the legal requires and expected high standards of our own company, we ensure that we go over and above these expectations and we believe that our extensive training methods truly set us apart from other care companies within our industry.

Our training complies with regulation, including Outcome 14 that ensures that our staff are provided with high quality training that will allow them to carry out their work in a safe and secure manner. All of our training programs are carefully organised and planned to make sure that they are effective. The training also conforms to the 2014 Skills for Care Certificate, and all staff must pass all of their training modules before they can work with patients.

Our training covers all of the necessary aspects of the working environment, from health and safety and risk assessment to first aid and food hygiene. More specific aspects, such as dealing with patients with dementia and even infection control are also covered in our training courses. Outwit the training courses, our staff will be in regular contact with our senior staff as well, to ensure that they are regularly monitored throughout their training courses and proper feedback can be provided to make the training even more effective. Only after completion of the training courses and a full evaluation has been completed can our staff begin to work with patients.

If you would like to know more about our training process, or are interested in joining the team, please feel free to get in touch with us via the details on our Contact Page.

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