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Alongside our company’s mission and goal to provide high-quality, personalised supported living care to as many people as we can, we also have a vision that acts as a driving force behind everything that we do here at Havilah Care. Our vision is, although a bold one, one that allows us to focus all of our energy into the quality of service that we proved to our clients. Our vision is that one day we will become the largest provider of supported living care in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas and that we will increase our reach in order to bring the care that so many people deserve to those that otherwise cannot receive it.

We are working towards this vision every single day, learning exactly how best to provide the supported living care that we offer, and what methods of care our clients respond to best. This allows us to continually develop the program of care that we offer, making it more effective and thus helping more people to lead a better life.

Through the hard work of our existing team of staff, we are able to help hundreds of people in our area to live a better life than they were able to live on their own without supported living care. Our range of services is constantly growing, and we are actively looking for ways to increase our reach while maintaining the clarity and quality of service on which we pride ourselves.

If you would like to know more about the services that we offer, or would like to get in touch with us directly, you will find more details right here on the site and there is information on our contact page with how best to get in touch with us.

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